geoliner® Wheel Aligners by Hofmann



Wheel alignment adjusts all geometric angles of the tyres. It is a very important operation because it prevents an abnormal wear of tyres, guarantees a perfectly straight-line motion and a safe engagement with the steering wheel.


Hofmann’s professional wheel alignment systems can perform precise complete checks in a short time, assessing the toe-in (even at the maximum steering angle), caster and camber of wheels. They are also equipped with high-resolution cameras and an extended model database so as to make alignment easier. What is more, they detect if the tyres mounted are of a different size, as it could lead to issues. Results are shown in 3D via an intuitive user interface that makes it easier to read the outcome of the diagnosis.


Hofmann’s professional wheel alignment has always been precise and of the highest quality, guaranteeing accurate real-time measurements over time.

Patented automatic Power Clamp™ electromechanical clamps the wheel accurately with a constant force, reducing the opportunity for chasing weight.
30% reduced cycle time, less than 4,5 seconds, maintaining the same high accuracy.
Touch the rim with the geodata™ arm to enter the rim dimensions.
Pinpoint laser identifies exact weight placement location for increased accuracy and efficiency.
The innovative technology – patent-protected – that optimises the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel accordingly
The innovative leverless mount/demount system that makes easy working with any type of tyre including RFT, UHP and low aspect ratio ones
Electromechanical lock and unlock of the wheel with constant locking force
It is a tool that allows equipment to be connected to a garage. With the asanetwork all relevant information are made available at every workstation in the shop as all machines are connected to the commercial software.
Automatic, non-contact rim width acquisition delivers greater accuracy and ease of use for a 30% savings in complete process when compared to manual operation.
A direct burst of compressed air facilitates bead seating. The GP models offer a top-side bead seater with a 24-litre tank.
Hides adhesive weights behind two adjacent spokes so they cannot be seen from the outside.
Measurement system for high precision and repeatability.